Mayor who really speaks for the people writes tw*t on badly-parked car

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A mayor who scrawled twat over a parked car which was in the way of his town festival has claimed it was a private joke despite pictures being shared across social media.

Mayor Ian Lewney had spent all year organising the Ruthin Festival only to see red when he could not remove a car parked where the stage should have been erected.

He wrote twat on the bonnet but then thought better of it and went back to wipe it off but it had already been uploaded and shared across Twitter and Facebook.

Mayor who really speaks for the people writes tw*t on badly-parked car

The mayor of Ruthin, Ian Lewney wrote tw*t in the dust on this car (Picture: Trinity Mirror)

Mayor Lewney was rounded criticised for bringing his elected office into disrepute and for letting Ruthin down.

He said: The whole thing has been blown out of context. There was a car parked in the 30-minute bay that had been there since the night before.



I spent my morning trying everything I could think of to get it moved because it was blocking where we wanted to set up the stage.

We tried posts on social media calling for the driver to move it. We even called the police but they said they had no powers to do anything. It was the most frustrating thing.

He added: I just saw red and went into meltdown. We had been joking about putting the picture on the Parking like a T* Facebook page so I wrote the word “t***” in the dust on the bonnet.

By the time Id gone to get a rag to wipe it off, someone had taken a picture, which I find really disappointing given the effort that goes into organising the event – its 12 months in the making.

The mayor of Ruthin, Ian Lewney (Picture: Ruthin Town Council)

The mayor of Ruthin, Ian Lewney, wrote twat on a car (Picture: Ruthin Town Council)

Cllr Lewney, who has only recently been elected as mayor, added: It was a private joke between myself and the committee members and as far as I was concerned, that was the end of it.

The police were even there, there was no offence committed, it wasnt criminal damage. They could see how frustrated and desperate we were.

Onlookers contacted the Welsh Daily Post about the incident slamming the mayors choice of words.

The mayor of Ruthin, Ian Lewney pictured (wearing black and shorts near the bonnet of the car) after writing "tw*t" on it ahead of the Ruthin Festival Credit: Daily Post Wales Payment to Trinity Mirror Publishing Ltd PO Box 2003 39 Old Hall Street Liverpool L69 3FR

The mayor of Ruthin Ian Lewney pictured (in the black shorts) near the car (Picture: Daily Post)

One said: The car was parked where the festival organisers wanted to set up the stage. Most were very annoyed but still theres no need for behaviour like this from an elected official.



Another added: Its not what you would expect from a person who is supposed to represent the towns people, especially on the day of the festival when a lot of families with young children and tourists are present.



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