Stock up on Percy Pigs because it could be your last chance to buy them

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Stock up on Percy Pigs because it could be your last chance to buy them

The Government is looking at ways to tackle childhood obesity (Picture: M&S)

This is the going to be the last thing youll want to hear, but we could be seeing the end of our beloved Percy Pigs

Thats because a leaked government note has suggested the popular sweet could be banned as part of Government plans to tackle childhood obesity.

Yep – Percy Pigs could no longer be found on supermarket shelves because ministers are reportedly looking at plans to ban cartoon characters from being used to promote unhealthy food.

And, yes, this unfortunately includes Percy Pigs, Tony the Tiger, Honey Monster and the Milky Bar Kid.

Goodbye, childhood.

Picture: M&S No more percy pigs?!

Ministers could ban cartoon characters from being used to promote unhealthy food (Picture: M&S)

According to the Sun, the Government is looking into measures to stop junk food from being promoted with licenced characters, cartoon characters and celebrities.



It could also see the end to free refills of sugary drinks at restaurants such as Nandos.

While Marks and Spencer stopped selling Percy Pigs at tills in 2015, the plans would also ban supermarkets from selling sweets and chocolates near tills.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is said to be leading a review into sugary drinks and sweets in a bid to tackle obesity in children.

Plans are also said to include banning energy drinks for those under 16 and introducing a 9pm watershed for advertising sugary products on TV.

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Figures released last week showed that more than 22,000 children in the UK are classed as severely obese by the time they leave primary school in year 6.

The number of 10 and 11-year-olds classed as severely obese in the final year of school is nearly double that of those in reception, new figures have revealed.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson told Weve always said that our 2016 plan was the start of the conversation, not the final word on obesity.

We are in the process of working up an updated plan, and will be in a position to say more shortly.

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