Couple who became Britains oldest parents using surrogate mother have baby taken away

Couple who became Britain's oldest parents using surrogate mother have baby taken away
The couple used a surrogate mother from Britain but paid for artificial insemination abroad in order to have their baby (Picture: Getty)

A couple who became Britains oldest parents when they used a surrogate mother to have their baby say social services have taken the one-year-old away.

The parents, aged 63 and 65, who have not been named, said they are devastated after age was said to be a factor in the decision.

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They first met with social services last year and were warned they would have to make improvements to how their child was being cared for after concerns over the one-year-olds well-being.

They then decided that the called-for improvements had not happened and took the child into care, a source told The Sun.

The couple, from the north of England, had the baby using a surrogate mother in her 30s.


She is believed to have been impregnated using the 65-year-olds sperm and a donor egg.

The adoptive parents spent more than £100,000 on the procedure and used a clinic abroad as most in the UK would not deal with a couple their age.

Caucasian baby boy holding finger of grandfather
The couple – who have not been named – are said to be devastated a source claims (Picture: Getty)

The childs British birth mother and her husband were named on the birth certificate, but they signed a parental order letting the older couple adopt.

Social services closely monitored the situation and, after the concerns were raised, the child was taken away and is thought to be in foster care.

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The adoptive parents have failed in one bid to regain custody but are still fighting. They are thought to be allowed some contact in monitored visits.

The source said: This is a very unusual situation. Although it is upsetting for all, social workers have done what they think is best for the child.

The adoptive mother refused to comment, as did the couples local council.

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