Wristband tests drinks to see if they are spiked

A university is hoping to protect students from being spiked after launching a wristband that can detect drugs in drinks.

The "Sip Safe" wristband is designed to be used on campuses as well as at festivals, events, bars and nightclubs.

Liquid can be dropped onto the wristband to perform a test, with a circle changing colour if drugs are detected.

Australia's Monash University created Sip Safe in collaboration with Y&R Melbourne – and the wristband will be rolled out to students throughout the year.

Its launch follows a successful trial in late 2017 during a week-long festival after graduates finished their final exams.

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The university wants to provide greater education to students to help protect themselves, and deter people from spiking drinks.

Trisha Prpich, director of Monash Residential Services, said, "Monash is invested in the safety and well-being of our students. We want to make sure our community is safe and well informed, and that includes encouraging everyone to drink responsibly.

"Sip Safe has the potential to provide users with an easy way to determine if their drink has been spiked with two of the most common drugs used in drink spiking."

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