Jobs at Risk and Costs Spiralling as Tories Fail to Block Unwanted EU Laws Despite Brexit Vote

Every European Union law Britain has opposed since the Brexit vote has been forced through, adding £473.3 million to the EU budget and threatening thousands of British jobs.

Pro-Brexit campaign group Change Britain says the British government has participated in 102 votes on the bloc’s Council of Ministers since the public’s vote to Leave the European Union in June 2016, and opposed or abstained on the measures proposed 17 times, the Daily Mailreports.

However, all 17 measures have passed regardless, including new port regulations ill-suited to Britain’s particular circumstances and opposed by British industry on the grounds that it could “crucify” the sector and put hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk.

Shipping minister John Hayes had promised as recently as November 2017 that the regulations would be “consigned to the dustbin” by Brexit, but with the rules due to come into force just a month after Britain leaves the EU and the Tories keen to strike a so-called “transition deal” which would see the country continuing to adopt EU laws for around two years, this is now in considerable doubt.

Britain’s failure to block unwanted measures continues a trend which has been present for years.

The country is voted down more often than any other EU member-state, with 72 out of 72 attempts to block damaging legislation failing between 1996 and 2015.

David Kurten, a UKIP member of the London Assembly, told Breitbart London: “The shocking news that Brussels has passed every law that the UK has opposed since the referendum shows just why we need to get out of the EU quickly and cleanly.

“Staying in the Single Market and the Customs Union will be a hindrance to the trade opportunities and prosperity that a full Brexit will bring, and keep Britain tied to all of the EU’s anti-democratic institutions whilst paying for the privilege.

“If the Tory government had kept its word and triggered Article 50 in June 2016, we could already have been enjoying our freedom by now. The British people voted to take back control of our sovereignty, our democracy and our borders, not to keep obeying the regulations and decisions of the EU which we don’t agree with for 5 years or longer after the referendum.

“Any further delays to a full Brexit or continued forced obedience to the EU’s undemocratic edicts are unacceptable.”

Gisela Stuart, who chairs the Change Britain group and serves as one of Parliament’s rare Brexit-supporting Labour MPs, added: “Those who argue we should stay tied to the EU’s single market in order to influence policy are deluding themselves.

“The fact is that Brussels already ignores our concerns, and this will only continue if we remain answerable to EU law without being a member of the bloc.

“This is why we must take back full control of our laws and deliver a clean Brexit.”

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