Meghan joins Royals at Christmas service

Meghan Markle joined fiance Prince Harry and the rest of the Royal Family at church for their traditional Christmas Day service.

The couple arrived at St Mary Magdalene Church on the Queen's Sandringham estate in Norfolk for a morning carol service, alongside the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Image:Meghan Markle and Prince Harry arrive at St Mary Magdalene Church on the Sandringham estate

Wearing a light brown coat and brown hat, with warm boots and a bag, Ms Markle walked arm-in-arm with Prince Harry and waved to waiting crowds, as they made the short journey from Sandringham House.

Her Majesty was in attendance having missed last year's service with a cold, as was husband Prince Philip.

Meghan Markle curtsies to the Queen at Sandringham at Christmas
Video:Meghan curtsies for the Queen

Just before the group headed off to the church, Ms Markle was seen to curtsy before the Queen, prompting a furious flurry of picture taking from the waiting press photographers.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were also at the service, with hundreds of people having gathered to witness the family's arrival and some calling out "Merry Christmas" as they walked past.

The newly engaged couple arrive at church arm-in-arm
Video:Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arm in arm as they head for church

Among the onlookers were American couple Ashley Millican and Michael Metz, who got engaged live on Sky News as they waited for the Royals to arrive.

Sky's Royal Correspondent Rhiannon Mills said: "I suspect there are a few people at home who are thinking, why on earth would I want to leave my nice, warm, comfy house and my nice Christmas presents and stand outside in the cold.

Harry and Meghan meet wellwishers outside church
Image:Harry and Meghan meet wellwishers outside church

"But there have literally been thousands of people this morning who have been queuing up to try and get inside the gates of the Sandringham estate. It's been an unbelievable scene, really.

"I suspect some of it is to do with the Meghan Markle effect. This is one of the rare occasions people will be able to see Meghan before Harry and Meghan get married in May.

The Duchess of Cambridge with Meghan Markle
Image:Ms Markle walked next to the Duchess of Cambridge

"People have also talked about the fact that it has been very important to see the Queen as well, who last year was too unwell to go to church on Christmas morning."

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Prince William and Kate mingled with the crowds outside once the service came to a close, with the Royals then returning home for a traditional festive lunch.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after the Christmas day church service
Video:The couple greet wellwishers after church

Later they were expected to watch the Queen's annual Christmas address, whichthis year focused on remembering those affected by the traumatic events of 2017, including the Grenfell Tower fire, the Manchester Arena bombing, and the terror attacks in London.

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