Police probe video of Muslim girl beaten gang-style in Florida (DISTURBING)

A 14-year-old Muslim girl was violently beaten by her schoolmates in Florida. A video of the attack was posted by her father, who said the girl was bullied over her religion. Police have launched a probe into the attack.

The video was posted on Facebook by the girl’s father on Friday. Shakeel Munshi says that his daughter, a 9th grade student, was repeatedly bullied by several girls at West Boca High School in the city of Boca Raton, Florida “because she was Muslim.” She “decided to get this over [with]” and talk to the offenders. However, she was “beaten badly by [a] gang of girls” on Thursday, he said.

The video shows a “gang-style” assault, carried out by at least three girls, probably the same age as Munshi's daughter, while other teens crowd around them. “She didn’t picked up a hand because don’t want to fight back,” Munshi wrote, adding that his wife called the police and pressed charged against the girls.


Munshi later told NBC Miami that the teens used to call his daughter a terrorist. “She has bruises on her face. One eye is black – neck, had nails, big nails, on her neck, and there are lots of big bumps on her face, her head,” Munshi said. “She used to say that they’re making fun of her … that she’s terrorist, kind of thing.”

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) released a statement later on Friday, saying that police are investigating the incident. However, it said that at “no time was ‘race’ or ‘bullying’ ever discussed, determined or considered to have played a role in the altercation.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations-Florida (CAIR) slammed the attack on the girl, calling upon law enforcement agencies to press charges against those who beat Manaal.

“CAIR-Florida receives numerous complaints of school bullying incidents and serious assaults against Muslim youth at a constantly increasing rate,” Omar Saleh, CAIR-Florida Civil Rights counsel, said in a statement. “We have reached out to the victim’s family and will ensure that this serious issue is addressed swiftly and appropriately by local officials.”

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