Terrifying ‘talking Trump’ robot debuts at Disney World (VIDEO)

In keeping with its tradition of displaying animatronic robot versions of presidents past and present, Disney World has unveiled this year's installment of America’s 45th leader and, predictably, it’s been mocked online.

Robo-Trump was unveiled on Tuesday at Disney’s flagship theme park in Orlando, Florida. The Mouse House’s Hall of Presidents attraction features a number of great figures from American history and now also Trump.

The robot double, which looks a little melted, has been widely ridiculed on social media, with some equating it to a terrifying combination of Hillary Clinton and Jon Voight.

Others wondered if the president will take offense to his “likeness,” while more speculated how long it would take for the robot to become sentient and start tweeting or, to paraphrase the man himself, “grab someone by the pussy.”

Though the president is yet to respond to his robo-doppelganger’s detractors, he famously can’t take a joke, if it’s at his expense. So don’t be surprised to see him take to his favored medium to lambast robo-Trump critics in the near future.

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