‘Internet is Free Again’ angers social media after net neutrality repeal

A day after the repeal of net-neutrality rules, which classified the internet as a utility, Wall Street Journal was quick to tout the ruling as ‘freedom.’ In response, social media took the phrase and turned it into a backlash.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 to repeal the net-neutrality rules.

“By effectively deeming the internet a utility, former chairman Tom Wheeler turned the FCC into a political gatekeeper,” the Wall Street Journal editorial board wrote in an article entitled ‘The Internet Is Free Again on Friday.’

“The rules prohibited broadband providers from blocking, throttling and favoring content, which Mr Wheeler ostensibly intended to help large content providers like Google and Netflix gain leverage against cable companies.”

The phrase #InternetIsFreeAgain quickly prompted a swift backlash on social media, which was critical of the ruling and Wall Street’s glee.

Conservatives have somehow built the gall, the nerve, to say “The Internet is Free” after repealing Net Neutrality.

Literally nothing about this is true. All that will happen now is corporations will micro-manage it.

It’s all about money.

— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) December 15, 2017

One poster compared the ruling to Columbus telling Native Americans “they were free again after he stole their land.”

Trumpsters and the Wall Street Journal saying "The Internet Is Free Again" after repealing #NetNeutrality , is like Christopher Columbus saying, Native Americans are free again, after he stole their land. You can say things, but it doesn't make it true.

— Ed Krassenstein (@EdKrassen) December 15, 2017

Another showed a map of the states with red states indicating those who think the internet is free again.

This isn't an election map.

This is an internet speed map.

Everyone in a "red" state who think "The Internet Is Free Again" is sadly mistaken.

By supporting the end of #NetNeutrality you hurt yourself so internet providers can make more money.

— Red T Raccoon (@RedTRaccoon) December 15, 2017

The FCC voted on Thursday to eliminate net-neutrality protection. Net neutrality means internet service providers must treat all data on the web equally, regardless of the content, website, platform, application or method of communication.

The Commission argued that net neutrality was preventing websites from investing trillions of dollars in network services. However, critics fear with net-neutrality regulations gone internet service providers will charge extra to prioritize traffic, effectively creating a 'slow lane' for smaller websites.

Other social media posters took cues from the blockbuster movie Blazing Saddles.

Walt Disney cartoon Tom and Jerry.

Very disappointed to see BS like "The Internet Is Free Again" trending

Way too early in the morning for that type of propaganda

I haven't even had my espresso yet & the paid bots have been hard at work

— CaptainsLog2017 ??? (@CaptainsLog2017) December 15, 2017

And a quote from novelist George Orwell’s 1984 to illustrate how they thought the American people had been misled in the vote.

No, "The Internet Is Free Again" is totally false & inaccurate.

"America just allowed the decision of 3 people to repeal #NetNeutrality of 300 million internet users.

While 87% of the 300 million wanted a different outcome.

That is not democracy!."

~ @3L3V3NTH

— The Hummingbird ? (@SaysHummingbird) December 15, 2017

"The Internet Is Free Again"
Look at this LIE trending.
Due to Trump & "Trump's FCC"
You could pay an extra
$40 for YouTube
$40 for Netflix
$20 for Pinterest
$40 for Facebook


— Mompreneur (@Mompreneur_of_3) December 15, 2017

The same day that the FCC voted on the repeal, President Donald Trump took the opportunity at the White House to demonstrate how many federal regulations he has cut since being in office.

In 1960, there were approximately 20,000 pages in the Code of Federal Regulations. Today there are over 185,000 pages, as seen in the Roosevelt Room.


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 14, 2017

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