Which forest has England’s largest wild boar population? The Weekend quiz

From Granny Gets The Point to Colin Kaepernick, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz

The questions
1 Whose website describes her as writer, traveller, playwright, wife, mother, surfer?
2 Where does a CME cloud originate?
3 What was explained in 1971 by the film Granny Gets The Point?
4 Which forest has England’s largest wild boar population?
5 Which two elements are named after US states?
6 What aircraft were developed at Felixstowe in the first world war?
7 Who lived by the code of Bushido?
8 Colin Kaepernick began what protest?
What links:
9 Topper; Ravel; Lady Jane; Lord John; Tom Cat; John Stephen?
10 Gottfried van Swieten (1st); Napoleon, then Prince Lobkowitz (3rd); Moritz von Fries (7th)?
11 Stars; urchins; lilies; cucumbers?
12 Alan Shepard; Buzz Aldrin; Svetlana Savitskaya?
13 Tool Time; Pucks; TGS with Tracy Jordan; When The Whistle Blows?
14 Durand Line; Radcliffe Line; McMahon Line?
15 Elephant (too big); lion (too fierce); snake (too scary); giraffe (too tall)?

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