MPs will get to vote on final terms of Brexit deal

MPs will get to vote on final terms of Brexit deal
Brexit Secretary David Davis (Picture: PA)

The final Brexit deal will be put to MPs for a vote, Brexit minister David Davis confirmed today.

He said the government would allow parliament the opportunity to debate, scrutinise and vote on any final Brexit agreement, offering a concession to Conservative Party rebels.

Prime Minister Theresa May is under pressure to offer parliament the chance to have a ‘meaningful vote’ on any deal on Britain’s departure from the European Union, with members of her own party willing to vote against the government to stymie legislation needed to sever ties with the bloc.

‘I can now confirm that once we’ve reached an agreement we will bring forward a specific piece of primary legislation to implement that agreement,’ he told parliament.

‘This also means that parliament will be give to debate, scrutinise and vote on the final agreement we strike with the European Union. This agreement will only hold if parliament approves it.’

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