London commuters sprayed with ‘juice’ by youths pretending to have acid

London commuters sprayed with 'juice' by youths pretending to have acid
Youths film themselves squirting liquid from Lucozade bottle at a commuter (Picture:Instagram)

Terrified commuters on the London’s underground were sprayed with liquid by youths who were copying recent acid attacks.

A video has surfaced of a gang of youngsters using a bottle of Lucozade drinks to squirt liquid over passengers on the Victoria line.

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The video shows two teenagers squirting liquid over a sleeping man on a train, another man on an escalator with luggage and a woman looking at her phone.

They were in fact spraying them ‘with juice’ and no-one was injured.

The videos were uploaded onto social media including Instagram with the warnings ‘do not sleep on the job’ and ‘do not get on the Victoria Line’.

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British Transport Police told The Standard they had not received any complaints of anti-social behaviour on the Victoria Line in relation to the incident.

After a spate of acid attacks during the summer police announced earlier this year that they are arming officers with kits to allow them to check the contents of suspicious bottles of liquid found on people being stopped and searched in the streets.

There have been 1500 reports of acid attacks in London in the last five years and the new burns unit at The Royal London Hospital treated 150 patients in its first nine months this year.

In several acid attack cases the criminals used Lucozade bottles to spray their victims with homemade acid.

London commuters sprayed with 'juice' by youths pretending to have acid
Liquid is sprayed over an unsuspecting commuter (Picture: Instagram)

In a clampdown on the crime the police announced they would be checking suspicious bottles being carried onto the tube and during big events like the Notting Hill Carnival.

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