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The not-so-humble watch says a lot about our personalities, lifestyle choices and possible financial status. It’s a timeless accessory that simultaneously carries history and innovation. When it comes to characters on the silver screen, the right watch should completely encapsulate our protagonist and many watches have done that. Here’s our pick of memorable movie watches.

Year: 2005
Watch: JLC – Reverso Grande Taille
Film: Batman Begins
Actor: Christian Bale​

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Reverso has featured in Batman movies since the mid 90’s. The luxurious reversible watch appears in Batman Begins in the form of a Reverso Grande Taille; a watch that embraces all the original features of a Reverso but with contemporary dimensions that bring it off the polo field.

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Year: 1962
Watch: Rolex – Submariner 6538
Film: Dr. No
Actor: Sean Connery

The Rolex Submariner (6538) worn by Sean Connery in the first few Bond films could be a contender for most iconic movie-watch, ever. Before Bond movies became box-office gold, budgets ran tight and it is rumoured that producer Cubby Broccoli gave Connery the watch off his own wrist. Today the Rolex 6538 remains a rare commodity and can fetch up to six figures in the right condition.

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Year: 1992
Watch: Rolex – Daydate
Film: Glengarry Glen Ross
Actor: Alec Baldwin

A gold Rolex has become a universal statement of success for many people and according to Glengarry Glen Ross, the simplest way to posses one is to “always be closing”. In the film’s pivotal scene, Baldwin aggressively sweeps his Rolex Day-Date in Ed Harris’ face, announcing it is worth more than his car. We do not encourage you to emulate this; even if you are fortunate enough to own a gold Rolex Day-Date.

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Year: 1997
Watch: Hamilton Ventura XXL
Film: Men in Black
Actor: Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones

With an outrageous silhouette, Hamilton’s Ventura XXL looks like a watch from far in to the future, but it was originally introduced way back in 1957. Part of its popularity came from Elvis Presley, it was a favourite of his during his younger days.

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Year: 2004
Watch: IWC Vintage Ingenieur Automatic IW3233
Film: Collateral
Actor: Tom Cruise

A true representation of his character in Collateral, the IWC Ingenieur is a slick and sophisticated time piece that is a wonderful accompaniment to Cruise’s sharp grey suit. The highly precise movement is built on 28 jewels and provides 44 hours of power reserve when fully wound.

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Year: 2007
Watch: Breitling Chrono Avenger
Film: Blood Diamond
Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio

A fitting watch for a true adventurer Breitling’s Chrono Avenger combines fashion and function with its solid titanium case, shockproof motion and is water-resistant to 300m. The dark oiled strap has become synonymous with Breitling collectors.

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Year: 2006
Watch: TAG Heuer Link Quartz Watch
Film: The Departed
Actor: Matt Damon

Agent Colin in the legendary The Departed wears Tag Heur’s Link; made from solid steel it features a scratch resistant sapphire crystal with a slight curve. The bright dial features hand-fitted hour markers that are stainless steel, gold or diamond, depending on the model choice.

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