Sex trafficker attacked in prison after other inmates ‘find out what she’s in for’

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Sex trafficker attacked in prison after other inmates 'find out what she's in for'
Carolann Gallon is serving a six-year jail sentence (Picture: Northumbia Police/PA Wire)

A sex trafficker who provided girls as young as 13 to sex predators has been attacked in jail after the other inmates learned of her crimes.

Carolann Gallon was jailed for six years in September for her part in a Newcastle child sex grooming gang’s activities.

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She was initially jailed at Low Newton’s women’s prison in Durham, however she had to move HMP Styal in Cheshire 150 miles away after being attacked by inmates.

Now at her new prison, 23-year-old Gallon has been attacked again after fellow inmates found out who she was.

She was assaulted on Sunday and left with minor injuries, with the police looking into the incident.

Sex trafficker attacked in prison after other inmates 'find out what she's in for'17 men were convicted along with Gallon (Picture: Northumbria Police)

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Her father, Jimmy Gallon, told Chronicle Live: ‘People have found out what she’s in for and she’s getting grief.

‘She got moved from one place to another because she was getting picked on, then she rang me saying she had been assaulted by someone in there.

‘She cries every time I speak to her.’

He added that he ‘really misses’ his daughter, saying it is ‘heartbreaking’ to see her in prison.

Carolann was part of a group of 18 who were convicted following Operation Shelter, which was a police investigation into the exploitation of vulnerable girls and young women in Newcastle.

She pleaded guilty to three counts of three counts of trafficking and sexual exploitation.

The court heard how Gallon allegedly told one victim her family would be ‘chopped to pieces’ if she reported the abuse.

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