In the USSR, what was Komsomol? The Weekend quiz

From sculpture to sport, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz

1 The Disney film White Wilderness is the origin of what animal myth?
2 What 1714 act was read literally, now metaphorically?
3 Which sculpture museum is in Florence’s Palazzo del Podestà?
4 What sports team is owned by the US ambassador to the UK?
5 “Where do you want to go today?” was whose slogan?
6 Queen Victoria lent which gem to the Great Exhibition?
7 In the USSR, what was Komsomol?
8 Henderson Island in the Pacific has an unwanted record for what?
What links:
9 Benazir Bhutto, Islamabad; Indira Gandhi, Delhi; Queen Beatrix, Aruba?
10 Carotid; common iliac; subclavian; femoral; aorta?
11 Middlesbrough; Crystal Palace; WBA; Real Madrid; Middlesbrough?
12 The Elder; the Martyr; the Confessor?
13 Harappa; Mohenjo-Daro; Dholavira; Ganeriwala (circa 2500-1700BC)?
14 Siege of Detroit; Battle of New Orleans; Burning of Washington?
15 VS Naipaul; Nadine Gordimer; William Golding; JM Coetzee; Kazuo Ishiguro?

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