‘I can’t live without pimentón’: José Pizarro

You have to be picky about your ingredients and kit, says star Spanish chef José Pizarro of his London home kitchen

I live just south of the river in London, in an apartment over two floors. The kitchen and my office are upstairs, with great views: I wake up and have coffee looking at the Shard, the Tower of London and the City.

The kitchen isn’t as big as I’d like, but it’s a lovely space, full of light. I didn’t change anything when I moved in. But when I do, it’ll be a huge job. I am always hosting dinner parties at home and anyone who has been to one knows that they are great fun. Cooking at home, for me, is all about entertaining, whether it’s for friends or business. Of course, dining in my restaurants is also great fun. My restaurants are like my house. It’s why I have open kitchens – so that my customers feel like guests at my home. My dream is actually having two kitchens – one in London, which is my home, and one in Extremadura.

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