Get ready for a sugar tax on all your favourite chocolates

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A new sugar tax is on the way and this time it will target all your favourite chocolates, Britains confectionery industry has revealed.

The plans were decided by Public Health England at the annual chocolate conference on Thursday and are expected to come into force by 2020.

Amy Glass, senior executive for Diet and Health from the Food and Drink Federation told Daily Mail: Data is now being collected to see what progress has been made by companies, with a year two monitoring report due to be published in Spring of 2019.

Chocolate taste tester Angus Kennedy said the tax wouldnt make a difference (Picture: Getty Images)

And Public Health England are especially interested in the progress made in the chocolate confectionery category and will name and shame those who have made little progress.

The publication said the new tax is expected to be announced by spring next year.

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Chocolate taste tester Angus Kennedy said the tax wouldnt make a difference.



He said: If people want chocolate they will buy it, and if the bars are too small, they will buy two. The root of the problem with sugar needs to be fixed first.

Of course we need to be more aware if what we are putting in our bodies, but there becomes a point when it is all a bit big brother-like.

He said the issues lie in hidden sugars, adding: at least chocolate is honest.

The soft drink levy came into force on 6 April this year, and the government is planning to include milkshakes, and iced coffees in the updated budget.



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