Boy, 17, took his own life after wrongly believing he was overweight

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Boy, 17, took his own life after 'wrongly believing he was overweight'
Kameron Lyons, 17, suffered bouts of body confidence issues (Picture: Cavendish Press)

A 17-year-old boy took his own life after wrongly believing he was overweight, an inquest heard.

Kameron Lyons suffered bouts of body confidence issues and jumped in front of an express train at Handforth railway station, Cheshire.

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Despite doctors assuring him that his weight was normal, Kameron, sent a last text to his girlfriend Clodagh Ireland, last September, saying: If you get this text it is over for me. I am not worth anyones pain.

Miss Ireland said she didnt pick up the message until 40 minutes later.

Kameron was an aspiring stand-up comedian who had been applying to study performing arts at Macclesfield College, a court heard.

Kameron Lyons a boy of 17 who threw himself to his death under the wheels of an express train after he suffered from bouts of ''body confidence'' issues, an inquest heard. Disclaimer: While Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd uses its' best endeavours to establish the copyright and authenticity of all pictures supplied, it accepts no liability for any damage, loss or legal action caused by the use of images supplied. The publication of images is solely at your discretion. For terms and conditions see
His mother said he dreamed of becoming a comedian (Picture: Cavendish Press)

Miss Ireland was his first girlfriend and they started dating in March 2017. He told his mum he thought the world of her, but he became more and more self-conscious.


He talked of being on the 5:2 diet, which lets people eat what they like for five days, but tells them to fast for the remaining two.

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In a statement read to the hearing, Miss Ireland said: He suffered from body confidence issues and in social situations he would go from normal to quiet and into himself.

Kameron seemed fine when we were together and this was on a day to day basis but he would often think a lot about his body image. I would often have to get him to eat.

She added: At 6.46pm I received a text message from him saying: “If you get this text it is over for me. I am not worth anyones pain. You are so beautiful and you are going to make someone a lucky guy. Tell my friends and family I am sorry I let them down, I was never good enough.”

Kameron Lyons was but by an Arriva train travelling from Manchester Piccadilly to Cardiff through Handforth railway station, pictured (Picture: Wikimedia)
Kameron died after being hit by an express train at Handforth railway station in Cheshire (Picture: Wikimedia)

I didnt see that text until 40 minutes later. I found out what had happened later that night. Although his moods were up and down he was strong.

Kamerons mother Danielle Greenhouse, 35, told the inquest: Kameron never had any issues growing up with food or anything, he was very sociable and would make us laugh – he was the life and soul of the party.

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He was very academic, loved maths and loved school. He passed all his GCSEs and he had big plans.

He wanted to be a stand-up comedian and he told people that was what he was going to do.

Recording a conclusion of suicide, Coroner Adam Fulwood said: It seems to me Kameron for whatever reason ended up on the train platform and in a fleeting second decided to do what he did. Even though it was fleeting he deliberately took that step.

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