Son attacked 90-year-old mother because ‘she didn’t tidy up’

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Son attacked 90-year-old mother because 'she didn't tidy up'
The man has now been arrested (Credit: YouKu)

A son has reportedly been arrested after being caught beating up his 90-year-old mother because ‘she made the house messy’.

The man, known by his surname Peng, allegedly claimed that his mother wouldn’t obey him.

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He also claimed that she had been hiding around the house in Chengde, east China, reports MailOnline.

A police investigation was launched on March 22 after officers saw the shocking video.

In the footage, the woman tries to kick him away and defend herself while sitting in a chair.

Son attacked 90-year-old mother because 'she didn't tidy up'
He allegedly claimed she made the house messy (Credit: YouKu)
Son attacked 90-year-old mother because 'she didn't tidy up'
The woman tries to defend herself (Credit: YouKu)

But despite her efforts, she cannot overpower her son who continues to brutally beat her.

At one point, he grabs her by the back of her neck and forces her to bend over, before punching her head.

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He seems to leave and she is given a few moments reprieve but then he returns moments later and slaps her around the face.

Officers tracked him down and he reportedly confessed to the crime.

Peng has now been arrested for the assault and the investigation continues.

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