Nasa spots bizarre ‘sperm crater’ on Mars which was once filled with water

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Nasa spots bizarre 'sperm crater' on Mars which was once filled with water
This huge indentation once contained an ancient lake – and maybe even alien lifeforms (Picture: Nasa)

A strange crater shaped like a massive sperm has been found on the surface of Mars.

Nasa has just published an announcement about a huge indentation which appears to have been filled with water at some point in ancient history.

The tail of the sperm was caused by water flowing out of what was once a massive body of water.

Space scientists at Nasa compared the crater to a different kind of swimmer.

‘This image from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) shows an impact crater looking amusingly like a tadpole because of the valley that was carved by water that used to fill it,’ the space agency wrote.

Nasa spots bizarre 'sperm crater' on Mars which was once filled with water
This stunning image juxtaposes modern Mars on the left with how it looked during its wet and warm glory days (Picture: James Moore and Jon Wade)

‘It is often difficult to differentiate between inlet and outlet channels, but water always flows downhill. In this particular case, we can infer that water is flowing outward because we have the necessary terrain-height information.

‘When studying these images in detail, scientists can gain a better understanding of the strength of the flooding water that carved the channels, and better understand the history of water activity in this region of Mars.’

It’s believed that Mars was a beautiful planet covered by deep blue oceans with white fluffy clouds scudding through the sky.

Today, it’s red, dead and totally barren after the water disappeared, potentially killing off any lifeforms which lived on the Martian surface or swam in its alien seas.

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