Ice cream parlour scoops up more business than expected during the winter months

Ice cream fans have devoured a huge number of servings at a new Scottish parlour – with early favourites proving locals have an adventurous sweet tooth.

Despite the cold winter weather, in the first six weeks of trading, Mackie’s 19.2 in Marischal Square, Aberdeen, has served up more than 10,000 scoops of the sweet stuff – 20% ahead of initial projections.

While well known flavours such as traditional, vanilla and honeycomb have all been popular, around 60% of all ice cream sales have consisted of more adventurous Italian-style Napoli combinations such as cookies & cream and salted caramel.

Mackie’s 19.2 ice cream parlour

Despite being the first outlet open at Marischal Square, the 10-strong team at 19.2 have already recommended the development to a number of other potential new tenants.

Karin Mackie, development director at Mackie’s of Scotland, said: ‘As with launching any new venture there are plenty of stresses and worries in the build-up.

‘But thanks in no small part to the adventurous Aberdonian palette we’ve had a good start – and Marischal Square has proven to be the ideal location, there is a real buzz building in this part of town.

‘While those visiting the parlour really have to be making the specific journey, we’re certain there will be excellent footfall once more of the tenants open their doors.

‘It’s early days, but we’re encouraged enough to be looking at further Scottish sites to open in the coming years, which is very exciting.’

Ice cream has made up the greatest portion of early sales, however waffles and crepes have proven popular during the cold weather.

Yvette Harrison, manager of 19.2, with Mac and Kirsten Mackie

Perhaps the biggest surprise hit has been the success of the locally influenced buttery and jam ice cream, which is the parlour’s joint fifth most popular ice cream flavour. The recipe contains butteries from local bakers, JG Ross.

Named 19.2, the parlour is located exactly 19.2 miles from the Mackie’s Westertown family farm, where it produces its renowned ice cream and chocolate ranges.

As well as ice cream, the 40 cover venture serves coffee from local roasters Caber Coffee and features two centrepiece chocolate taps, delivering Mackie’s own highest quality melted milk and dark chocolate on demand for serving over the already popular crepes and waffles.

Yvette Harrison, manager of 19.2, said: ‘Opening an parlour in winter was always going to be a challenge; however we’re very pleased with the early signs.

‘As well as the ice cream, the waffles have proved very popular – so much so that we’ve had to go from one to three waffle presses!

‘Another real trend we’re noticing is just how much people like to customise their sundae. It just goes to show, ice cream tastes are very individual.’

The family firm has amassed more than 30 years experience making and selling its ice cream, and has been producing high-quality chocolate since 2014, with the launch of a £600,000 state of the art chocolate factory in 2015.


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